8 февраля в 14.00 в Ломоносовской школе "ИНТЕК" проводится вечер встречи с выпускниками.

19 Октября 2013 года

Новости английского клуба. И только на английском языке!

Language for Entertainment.

Every year in February our school held The language week. It’s a very interesting and very exciting time for everyone who learns English, German and French at our school. It’s time for Improving and Knowledge.

The Opening Ceremony on the first day was followed by interesting and cognitive events like: “Grammar lives in music”, “Match the soundtrack with the cartoon”, “Fruit and vegetable language”, “Scramble the e-mail”.

The second day all the students took part in making presentations: “English language around us”, “American English and British English: Are they friends?”, “Let us introduce you Sochi, the capital of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games”.

The students in the classes 9, 10 and 11 had for the first time an unforgettable experience of communication with each other. The hold disputes on different social themes — “What do you think about your future?”, “The modern World: What is it?”. The most important and the most interesting was the team game “Why do I learn languages?” with a lot of questions about history and culture of Russia, the United Kingdom and the USA.

The third day was devoted to the linguistic battles, singing show “Do you remember these words from popular American and English songs?”.

The fourth day fell on the 14th of February, the St. Valentine’s Day. We lived through a spectacular concert and awarding of the classes in different nominations. All the guests (teachers, parents) were very surprised and thankful to our singers, dancers and music players. It was a real Awards Ceremony with red carpet, medals, cups, flowers and sweets.

St. Valentine’s post collected a lot of cards and letters to be delivered among the students and teachers. Everyone was happy.

On Friday our students spoke only French and German. We could listen to French and German poems and songs on the school radio, watched famous films and cartoons for children and even ate some dishes from French and German cuisine like onion soup, sausages with sauerkraut.

To sum up, the language week brought us entertainment, new knowledge, team-building, as we were friendly, involved and helpful.